"The MoonShadow"

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                                                             "The MoonShadow"

                                                                            12' x 16'
                                                                          = 192 sqft






                                       12'x16' main structure with  5'x16' covered porch included.
                                                    ~Completely built on your building site.~



-Structure to sit on 13 concrete block piers and 3-16' long x

      4"x6" beams.

-2x6 floor joist on 16" centers.

-3/4" T&G sturdi-floor subflooring.

-2x4 walls with studding on 16" centers.

-All exterior walls sheathed in 1/2 OSB

-2x6 rafters on 16" centers.

-1/2 OSB roof decking.

-Includes 100amp electric panel.

-Wired with 6 wall plugs, 1 dediOcated AC plug, 1 ceiling or wall light, 2 exterior light and switches. Fixtures included

-Fully insulated R-13+ walls, R-19+ ceiling.

-Fully finished drywall including 1x3 wood base, window and door trim.

-Interior is fully primed ready for your color choice.

-1-24"x70" fixed dual pane window

-2- Dual pane vinyl sliding doors with lock and key included for one door.

-Beautiful and extremely durable, engineered laminate hardwood flooring.

-29ga metal roofing available in 12 colors

-LP smart lap siding w/50 yr warranty over OSB sheathing covered in house wrap. 

-Exterior is completely primed, paint is optional.

-5'x16' front deck included.

Bathroom: 3'6"x 8' addition built on either side.---------- $2725.00
-36" fiberglass shower
-Water heater
-Completely finished inside and out with wiring, plumbing, drywall, flooring, etc.
Kitchen: Basic 8' unfinished oak base cabinet and countertop set.----------- $1250.00
-8' laminate countertop.
-25"x22" stainless steel sink with faucet.
-36" sink base cabinet.
-24" 1 drawer/1 door base cabinet.
-18" drawer base cabinet.
-18" 1 door/1drawer base cabinet.
-Completely installed, wired for wall switch and 2 plugs, wall or overhead light and plumbed.

*Interior and exterior completely finished, primed and ready to be painted the color of your choice. Finish painting is not included.

*Bath and Kitchen options are completely plumbed and stubbed below the floor ready to be connected onto by homeowner or your



*Built on a reasonably accessible site. Over 2' variance from highest and lowest point on building location may require an extra charge.

  *Sliding door screens not included but available.


Studio Package Option


6 -24"x 48"x 2" fabric covered acoustic panels

4-24"x48" x 4" fabric covered bass trap panels.

Professionally built with many color choices. More sizes and options available.

Ask for more details.



Studio Wall Panels